4 Benefits Of Employing A Landscaping Service In Your Homeowners Association

Posted on June 10, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Do you ever get complaints on the homeowner association website about the appearance of common areas in your community?  It might be time to think about hiring a company to handle all landscaping needs related to the HOA.  Landscaping is an ongoing process if you want to maintain great results.  When you employ a landscaping service, it ensure's your HOA gets a consistent look and presents the following undeniable benefits.
Professional Results

While some communities use their own staff, it usually requires more than general skills to maintain a beautiful landscape throughout the HOA.  With their training and experience, landscaping experts help create an eye-catching environment.  They also have special materials and equipment for completing tasks efficiently which increases the chance of delivering great results.
Better Plant Survival Rate

One of the reasons why plants don’t survive in your HOA could be due to the variety that is chosen.  Landscaping professionals make suggestions about what varieties to plant based on the climate and soil.  Another benefit that comes along with having a landscaping service is that you will likely see more green in your HOA.
Cost-Effective Solution

At first, it might seem like hiring a landscaping company is just going to increase monthly expenses.  However, such a company has the means to secure supplies and plants in bulk which often leads to discounted prices for the HOA.  Besides that, you won’t need to invest in any special tools as they have their own.
Less Liability

Landscaping companies are normally aware of federal and local safety regulations, environmental rules, and also have insurance.  When you enter into a contract with these companies, the blame shifts to them in the event the rules or regulations are violated.

Similar to the design of your homeowner association website, the physical appearance of your community is important.  Rather than wasting time and money on your own staff, it’s more cost-effective to work with a landscaping company.  As always, make sure you research the company to confirm they are reputable before signing a contract with them.
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