3 Ways That Homeowners Can Increase Their Home’s Value
Posted on December 2, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Most HOA boards encourage homeowners to maintain or remodel their homes when necessary and they use the community website since it reaches all homeowners.  The objective is to keep, or improve, the aesthetic value of the community.  Remodeling projects also benefit homeowners who might want to sell their homes in the future.

After all, it isn’t that hard to increase the value of a home.  The key is to perform alterations and renovations that make your home more modern or functionally appealing.  Here are a few tips that residents should keep in mind going forward.

The idea of tearing down walls and replacing tiles for the sake of increasing a property’s value doesn’t appeal to some homeowners.  In many cases, a new coat of paint is all you need.  By adding brighter colors, your home will look cleaner, lighter, or larger to prospective buyers and it can be done much cheaper than most renovations.
Kitchen & Bathroom

Every community website raises this issue at some point.  Worn out kitchens and bathrooms are going to severely lower the value of your home.  This is why some people spend a significant amount of money on tiling, replacing pipes, and changing cabinets.

Most residential real estate transactions hinge upon the appearance and functionality of a kitchen and bathroom.  Despite the costly renovations, you should keep in mind this is an investment that you will eventually recover when you sell your place.
Extra Space

If you have space for a basement or an attic, try to finish them as they not only add value to your home but they can become offices, extra bedrooms, or storage spaces.  Often, they require a great deal of work because of their location in the home so make sure you get a professional to quote you on what it will take to complete the project.  Even though location is a major factor, renovated homes are usually more comfortable and profitable!
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