3 Tips To Overcome A Bug Season In A Homeowners Association

Posted on June 16, 2016 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Bug season annoyances typically accompany the time of year when warmer weather returns.  One factor that influences the intensity of the bug season is a prior winter having warmer temperatures on average.  A mild winter means temperatures were warmer than usual so fewer bugs and insects were lost due to freezing conditions.
The homeowner association website may not go into detail about this but there are various tips to ease the irritations associated with bugs and insects.  After a mild winter, expect a boost in the bug population as they are cold-blooded and respond to high heat by becoming more active.
What Is The Bug Forecast In Your HOA?
The forecast for bugs is more predictable the longer you stay in one community and follow the homeowner association website.  As well, bug and insect bites are a greater possibility following an unseasonably mild winter so one step you can take is to use repellant.  Repellant applied to your skin or clothes can prevent a bug from landing on you and avoid using perfume or fragrances that might attract bugs or insects.
Obviously, prevention is the key so always bring a form of bug repellant with you to discourage a potential pest away.  If bitten, avoid scratching the site of the bite as it won’t provide any long-term relief and might cause additional swelling.  Instead, apply an over-the-counter antihistamine cream such as Benadryl to reduce the pain and itchiness.
What If You Have A Reaction?
The initial sign of a bite is light redness or a small bump, but some homeowners may become disoriented and have difficulty breathing.  A reaction such as that requires immediate medical attention while others may have a headache and should see a doctor soon.  Some mosquitoes carry diseases or viruses that are transmitted to victims who eventually show flulike symptoms so always take precaution!
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