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Tools To Track And Schedule
Tools that handle your day-to-day responsibilities such as reserving amenities, asking/summarizing what members are thinking, event registrations and member request forms. Yes, we think this is pretty amazing as well.
Custom Forms
Unlimited Custom Forms
Save Time | Save Money | Save Your Sanity
An administrator can create and modify custom forms that can be used for any purpose. Each form can have up to 40 questions, based on 9 field types, and attachments. Field types give the option to create small boxes, large boxes, selectable lists, date pickers and more. Sections dividers and paragraphs help organize the form layout and provide an area to enter text that explains to the visitor items they need to know when filling out the form. Email notifications are automatically sent when a form is submitted.
Intuitive Online Ticket System
Custom Forms Got Even Better
Whether it is a form for general questions, architectural requests or violation reporting, all communication regarding each submission is stored and organized on the website. This keeps everybody informed and provides a single location where all historical communication is stored. So, no more forwarding email messages to determine what somebody said. For managing tickets, specific members are given access to view and respond to these requests. These members respond through the website so that all responses are logged with the request. The member who submitted the request is notified via email when new responses are added to their ticket.
Easy Online Tracking
Each submission is given a unique ticket number. Members can view, add responses and read responses added by those helping with the request.
Assign Ticket
Assign Tickets
For responding to tickets, each form can be assigned to specific member(s) who are responsible for handling the submitted request.
Access Controls
Access Controls
Each form can be restricted to only be viewed/submitted by certain members. The member who submitted the form can view the progress of their request.
Event Registration With Payments
Real-Time Attendance Updates
Each event posted on the website can optionally have the ability for members to RSVP if the are attending an event. Custom questions can also be asked to gather information such as preferences or what the member is bringing to the event. Registration can be automatically closed based on a specific date and/or the number of attendees. The website automatically keeps a running total of the number of registrations and the number of people attending. The attendee list can also be shared on the website for other members to view. If your event has a fee, online and manual payments can be enabled which automatically update the registration as paid.
Reserve Amenities
No More Phone Tag To Check Availability
The Reservations feature is an efficient way for members to reserve specific time slots for various amenities. Separate rules can be set for individual amenities to control how they are reserved. Sub amenities can also be created such as multiple tennis courts. Once an administrator approves a reservation, the website will not allow the time slot to be reserved by another member.
Color Coded Mini Calendar
Mini calendars appear on an amenity's reservation page for easy access to dates. The calendars also display color coded dates which reflect availability.
Custom Time Exceptions
For each amenity, unlimited restrictions can be added based on the day of the week and time of the day. This keeps members out during the weekly cleaning.
User Level
Availability Controls
Each amenity can be configured with time rules such as the minimum and maximum amount of time that can be reserved plus when the amenity is available each day.
Unlimited Surveys With Unlimited Questions
Know What Members Are Thinking
It's easy to get insight into your members' opinions and wants. Create questions that contain text, photos and links. Each question has many response types to choose from such as a selectable list, ratings or free text boxes. This helps ensure you get the type of response you are needing. Members see a progress bar as they go through each of the questions in the survey. Controls are in place to prevent members from voting twice. Results are automatically tallied and can be shared with members on the website.
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