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More Efficient With Membership Management Tools
By automating processes, our membership management features help you spend less time managing your member data. Our solution allows members to register through the website, update their profile information, add family members and view their financial transaction history. Administrators manage member information in a central location, configure membership rules, view members based on property, create custom forms and limit member access to the website. Let us show you how much better things will be with membership management.
HOA Website Members
Unlimited Members
With HOA Sites, you do not pay more due to your size.
No need to feel guilty for adding more members to your organization. Your costs do not change based on the number of people registered nor visiting your website. This is because our software scales to organizations of any size.
It is easy to add new members. Visitors can register on your website through unlimited custom registration forms. An administrator configures each registration form for which profile fields appear, the order of the fields, custom text and formatting. Administrators can also manually add new members and mass import members from a file.
Centralize Member Data Management
One Location for Everything | Unlimited Custom Profile Fields | Store the Information You Need
Custom profile fields means you can organize and store the information that is important to you. With 21 types of field formatting to choose from for each field, you get the right information.
Import Data
Download a file from the website that contains the profile data for all or selected members. An administrator can add or update the data for those members needing changed. The updated file is then uploaded to the website.
Profile Field
Profile Field Controls
An administrator chooses for each profile field if the field is required, if the member can edit the field, if member can only view the field or if the field is hidden from the member and only available to an administrator.
User Level
User Level Controls
User Levels are used to classify each type of member in a family. Each custom profile field can be made available or hidden from members based on their User Level. For example, no need to ask a child their occupation.
Items Needing Attention
Simplify Your Workload | Be Productive
It is easy for administrators to view and focus on the items that are needing their attention. The website keeps track of members that are pending and lapsed along with invoices that are past due.
Lapsed Memberships
Lapsed Memberships
Depending on your membership rules, a member's status is automatically changed to lapsed when they do not renew.
Past Due Invoices
Past Due Invoices
The overdue indicator is searchable and lists all invoices that are unpaid and past their due date.
Increase Members' Accessibility
No More Resending Invoices And Researching Account Balances
Member Transactions
Members can view their invoices, payments, refunds and credit memos directly through the website. The member is also shown their account balance so that they always know how much they owe your organization. If you are using our online payments ability, members can immediately pay their current balance. Administrators can easily have the website email the member when a new transaction is created.
Saved Searches to Find Members
We are helping you be more efficient.
We know you have a lot of members. There is no need to manually hunt through the member list to find Steve or members who like soccer. Let the website find it for you. Administrators can create unlimited custom filters, which are saved searches for what you search for most. Each filter has multiple criteria where you choose the fields you wish to search and what data you are looking for in those fields. If you can say what you want in English, you can create a filter using the same logic. For example, first name contains Steve and hobby contains soccer. Filters are also used to determine who is sent mass emails and mass text messages. To make creating invoices for everybody easier, invoices can be generated in bulk based on a filter.
Assign Members to Properties
Easily manage members based on where they live.
Create categories to group individual properties based on street name, building, phase or however else your association is organized. This makes it easy to send mass emails and text messages to members based on the property category. Multiple members can be attached to each individual property. Members can optionally be allowed to choose their property from a list when registering or updating their profile. Invoices can also be attached to individual properties. Property invoices allow the members attached to the property to view and pay the property invoice. Invoices can also be attached to individual members.
Intelligent Property Selection
On forms, once a property category is chosen, only properties that belong to that category are displayed in the list. This makes it easy to find the correct property.
Friendly Display and Mailing Address
Each property can have a friendly short name and a full mailing address. This makes selecting a property more user friendly and displays take up less room by eliminating redundant data.
Directory Photo
Member Directory Photos
Photos make neighborhoods more neighborly.
In the Member Directory feature, each member can create albums and upload photos with descriptions. Photos are automatically resized to be web friendly during the upload process. Each member can also have a profile photo which will display in the directory and to administrators. This helps administrators identify members. An administrator can also manage and disable the member photos ability.
Control Visitor Access
Unlimited Roles | Easily Fine Tune Permissions
For each page on your website, you choose which roles have access to the page. Likewise, you choose for each member which roles they are assigned. When one of the roles for a page matches one of the roles for a member, the member has access to the page. Roles based access also makes it easy to create unlimited configurations of access and make it easy to mass update all members' website access.
Page Website Access
Page Access Roles
One or multiple words (roles) are entered in the configuration for each page. If PUBLIC is entered, all visitors have access.
User Website Access
Member Access Roles
Roles are also entered for each member. When one of the words (roles) match, the member has access to the page.
Membership Renewal Notifications
Scheduled Emails | Custom Messages | Automatic Reminders
Renewal Message
Let the website automatically chase down those late payments for you. Renewal notifications are scheduled email messages that are sent to members to remind them to renew their membership. Unlimited renewal notifications can be created. These notifications are customized with text, images, links and personalized information from the member's profile fields. For each type of membership, up to 5 of these notifications can then be scheduled to be automatically sent to each member when it is time for their membership renewal. Once the member renews their membership, no further notifications are sent to the member.
Before Renewal Date
Before the Renewal Date
Individual email notifications can be scheduled to be sent a configurable number of days before the member's membership renewal date.
After Renewal Date
After the Renewal Date
When a member does not renew their membership by renewal date, the scheduled post-renewal notifications are sent.
Email Fields
Choose Email Fields
If members have more than one email field in their profile, an administrator chooses which of the email profile fields to use.
Unlimited Custom Registration Forms
Unlimited Questions | Easy to Create | Set Fields as Required
The registration process allows visitors to fill out a form with their personal details and submit the information through the website. Their details are then stored in the administrative side of the website. New members can either be automatically approved or require an administrator's approval. Once a new member's access has been approved, the website will send a customizable email to the new member to notify them of their approved status along with their login details.
An unlimited number of these custom registration forms can be created and made available on your website. This allows the creation of forms specific for each purpose needed by your organization.
Member Registration
Intuitive Member Self Service
Members Update Their Own Profile | Keep Information Accurate
Online self service enables members to view their profile information and make updates at their leisure. Administrators can also send mass emails to members that include that member's profile details. By showing the members their current profile information in an email, members can quickly see which details they need to correct.
Member Options
User Friendly Member Options
Each member can update their profile, view transactions, make a payment and set their directory privacy. A box on the home page can also show the member's current account balance.
Profile Options
Administrator Control
An administrator chooses which profile fields members can update. When changed, an email notification is sent to the administrators showing the old data vs the new data.
Email Alert
Real-Time Alerts
Administer The Website From Anywhere
Administrators are able to stay connected to website activity regardless of where they are. Email alerts are automatically sent to a configurable list of email addresses when new items are added or updated on the website. For example, when a member updates their profile, an email notification is sent showing which member was updated along with their old profile details compared to their new profile details. Administrators can also add items, approve pending requests, send mass emails and view activity at any time and from any device.
Configurable Membership Rules
Custom Rules | Automatic Enforcement | Powerful Administrator Control
Unlimited membership types can be created which determines registration rules, renewal rules, membership fee calculations, applicable profile fields, membership expiration date and much more. Each member is attached to one of these membership types. This enables the website to understand how to handle the member's membership and automate the membership processes. Administrators can stay on top of this activity by receiving email notifications, viewing a list of members waiting for approval, running monthly membership reports and allowing members to add their family members.
Renewal Period
Custom Renewal Periods
There are several frequencies to choose from which control when each type of membership renews. This enables the renewal automation.
Fee Calculations
Fee Calculations
If there is a membership fee, the fee is automatically calculated based on configurable scenarios. These can be changed at any time.
Registrations vs Renewals
All membership rules and configurations can be handled differently for new member registrations vs members renewing their membership.
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