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We Put You In Control
Gone are the days of needing a technical person to take care of your website. Our tools allow anybody to manage the website, update content and benefit from our robust features. If you know how to use email, you already know how to use your new website. We also make sure we support you at no additional cost.
Manage Your Navigation
Easily Add, Remove, Rename and Reorganize
Manage Navigation
Easily control what pages are on your website along with how your page links are organized on your navigation. Pages can also be hidden or left off the navigation and instead linked to on other areas of the website. Choose individually, for each link on your navigation, if the link is only viewable when the visitor is logged in and has one of the required levels of access for the page. Administrator(s) can add, remove, hide and reorganize navigation links and pages on-the-fly. Drop down submenus can also be created which display additional page links when the visitor clicks a link on the navigation.
Pages At Your Fingertips
Make Changes Whenever You Want
Using our intuitive tools, administrators can change the content on their website at any time. No more waiting for your techy person to get around to handling your update requests. Our software organizes your content areas so that you know where to go to update a specific area on your website. Once changes are saved, the website immediately shows the updated content. Our software also handles unlimited sub administrators, which gives members limited administrator access to specific pages and/or features.
Non-Technical Content Editing
No Coding | As Simple As Writing An Email | It's That Easy
Content Editor
Keep your website's content fresh through our Content Editor, which gives the administrator(s) control over the text areas of the website. The Content Editor uses a familiar email software interface for changes such as styles, bold text, bullets, images and links to documents/pages. Changes are accomplished by simply filling out the text box with the new content and using the icons to control formatting. Click the save button and your changes are instantly live on the website. The website will even check your spelling.
Home Page Boxes
Mini View Boxes
Snapshot Views On Your Home Page
The Mini View feature is great for posting the newest and most relevant information so that visitors can see a snapshot of many of the website's pages in a single view. Visitors can then click a link within each Mini View for the full details. Choose from features such as announcements, news, upcoming events, surveys, homes for sale and many more. It is up to you what content you put on your website. So, feel free to include any other content boxes that fit your needs. Choose for each box individually if the visitor must have one of the required access levels in order to see the contents within the box.
Slideshow of Photos
Rotating Photos That Show Off Your Community
Display rotating photos as part of the design of your website to show off your community. Not a graphic artist? That's ok, we are! We use your photos to create the custom graphics on your website. The photos can even be changed periodically. And even better, this custom work we do for you is part of the annual fee.
File Manager
Central Location To Store Your Files
Save money on copies, postage and administrative time as visitors view documents on the website at their leisure. Posting documents online is an excellent way to ensure everyone always has the most current resources and information at their fingertips without first having to request information to be mailed or emailed to them. Documents can be divided into categories on a documents page and/or added to any other pages you choose to have on your website. It is completely flexible to make sure visitors get the documents they are looking for without the hassle.
Sub Folders
Create folders and subfolders to categorize and make files easier to find.
Multiple Uploads
Multiple Uploads
Multiple files can be selected and uploaded together to the website.
Several settings control how files are displayed.
Folder View Of Files
Stay Organized With Extra Flare
The Folder Viewer allows an administrator to display file folders on the website for members to view. Files which have been added to those folders will then be displayed and grouped by folder. There is no limit to the number of folders, sub-folders and files that can be displayed on the page. Sub-folders are also displayed unlimited levels deep to help organize files. When the visitor clicks on the folder name, the folder will slide open to reveal the files contained in the folder. This helps the page be more organized and less overwhelming when there are a lot of files.
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