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Condo Website

Condo Website

Many condo associations have realized that a website can help reduce their mailing, printing and administrative costs. Provide effective communication for your fellow residents by posting your newsletters, minutes, and documents on your website.

No need to go far when choosing your new condo website provider! We're right here when you need us.

We guarantee you'll be proud of your new condo website. Browse our site and please contact us with any questions and view our brochure.

Condo Website
Creativity is a very important element to our condo website designs. We do not design template driven, cookie cutter websites. Instead, each website is assembled based on your specifications ensuring they are both flexible and useful for your residents. Our secret is assigning you a personal web designer for your condo website project.
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Ongoing Support for your condo website means we don't leave you alone to reinvent the wheel. You're assigned a personal web designer to help you set up your website and get it live quickly. Their goal will be to provide you with insight to keep your website resident focused and to help you update your condominium website with fresh content.
Condo Website
Functional Features puts your website at your condominium owners' fingertips 24/7. You'll get to choose which features are best for your website. To make it even simpler, you can even change your mind after your website goes live without any additional costs.

Quick Tip: Why should you have a condo website?

Each year more people start using the internet, use the internet as a primary source of information and have higher expectations for organizations doing business online. Organizations who do not have a website or have a poorly designed website are not taking advantage of these trends.

Whether your condo is a single building or multiple buildings, each resident and potential resident can be more informed by a website than any other means of disseminating information. People can view documents, announcements, events and even submit their own information 24/7.

Gone are the days of people looking up contact information in the phone book. Instead, the internet is the one-stop-shop for quickly finding information. People become frustrated when they cannot find information on an organization they are looking for, due to the organization not having a website.

People are also looking for more than just information on a community website. Residents have the ability to share ideas on a message board, read reviews on local businesses and submit maintenance request forms online. Not only does this interaction instill a sense of community, but also improves efficiency and timely communication.

Browse our condo website features to discover what we can do for you. Ask us every question that comes to mind.

Here are just a few features included in HOA Sites' creative and visitor focused condo websites:

  • Unlimited units
  • Special announcements
  • Documents & Forms
  • Local Sitters
  • Real-time Surveys
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Member Profiles
  • Management Details
  • Lost & found
  • Business Directory
  • Map
  • View all condo website features

Condo Website