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Living in a Homeowners Association offers a sense of security that comes in a variety of ways.  One way to feel more secure about your neighborhood is to establish some type of relationship with your neighbors.  Reaching out to them through the homeowners association website will open up the lines of communication and allow future conversations to be easily initiated.  Attending the neighborhood summer picnic is a great time to actually bond with your neighbors and share with them some similar tastes and interests. 
Building A Sense Of Community Starts Here!
A sense of community starts with residents meeting and getting more familiar with one another.  Often, a summer picnic is an annual event so everyone is encouraged to attend as the neighbors meet and greet one another in a more relaxed setting.  In most cases, Homeowners Association meetings can have individuals in a serious mindset so maybe they aren’t as friendly or talkative as usual.
The overall goal is for everyone to have fun at the summer picnic while getting to know the neighbors better and enjoy a day of activities and food.  Usually, the homeowners association will provide some food and leave it up to the residents to bring dessert or side dishes.  If you have a delicious recipe for a dessert, now would be the ideal time to share it with everyone!
What Makes The Summer Picnic Appealing?
Picnics are the perfect opportunity to get more involved in the neighborhood and get closer with your neighbors without feeling pressured.  Some residents will volunteer their time to help organize the event, but it isn’t a requirement in order to attend.
Each year, details of the summer picnic are listed on the homeowners association website (more here) for those individuals looking to help make it a success.  If you are new to the area or searching for ways to stay active, feel welcome to attend the neighborhood summer picnic as it is intended for all residents within the Homeowners Association!
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Depending on others to accurately recount key points about an HOA meeting can often be misleading and disappointing, especially when relying on memory.  Fortunately, meeting minutes offer a concise and factual record that allows residents to stay informed even if they were unable to attend.  Usually, meeting minutes are viewable on the HOA website or a copy is available once the meeting has ended. Learn more about an HOA website here.
What Should HOA Minutes Consist Of?
Each homeowners association will have their own level of detail pertaining to meeting minutes.  However, they should be easily understandable and reflect what was done, not what each individual had to say.  Proper meeting minutes can make a valuable difference for the residents as they can see what was important and the official actions that were taken by the members. 
Meeting minutes may not always turn out as expected and this could be indicative to how efficiently the meeting was organized.  If that happens, it may be necessary to change the way the meeting is being organized to achieve more efficient meeting minutes.  As well, there should be enough information to make the minutes useful in the event they are used for reference or evidence that an action was handled in a proper way.
Future Use and The HOA Website
From time to time, there will be motions or actions that have been previously voted on that get brought back up.  While the minutes do not provide every detail of the meeting, they should provide what the outcome was on every situation where a vote has taken place.  Furthermore, any financial matters should be recorded in the meeting minutes as keeping track of expenses can be invaluable later on.
HOA Website
Not only is a quorum required in order to vote on a matter, but also necessary in order for minutes to be recorded.  Listing the meeting minutes on the HOA website is an excellent way for residents to know about current meetings while having the option to be advised of prior voting conclusions.
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Finding an ideal candidate for managing a homeowners association can be a dilemma for an HOA as the position requires an understanding in multiple areas.  The property manager is the individual who is responsible for a variety of tasks while keeping the residents up-to-date.  Utilizing the homeowners association website (information here) to inform residents can be greatly beneficial to a successful HOA manager as time might be limited for daily interaction.
The Value Of An Experienced Property Manager
There are many rules and regulations within an HOA so it only makes sense that some residents may have complaints from time to time.  If a dispute should occur between neighbors, then the property manager needs to carefully resolve the matter so both parties involved are not offended.  Generally, this is a delicate situation that requires versatility and great communication skills to get each individual to compromise while reaching a solution.

Managers may also work in coordination with board members who live in the neighborhood to facilitate community meetings.  They also ensure that community components such as gates and lighting are working properly throughout the year.  At some point, contractors and vendors will be needed so HOA managers should have experience when negotiating with them to eliminate confusion and misunderstandings.
Spending For The Homeowners Association
Not only does an HOA property manager oversee daily tasks such as mowing lawns and caring for landscaping, but also the financial matters related to the homeowners association.  Ordinarily, this includes collecting association fees from residents and documenting monthly or quarterly expenses that factor into the annual budget.  Basic fundamentals of accounting will normally be sufficient in maintaining the budget paperwork.
To be a superior property manager, an individual should possess many different skills and advise the community towards living in a better neighborhood.  A manager that has relevant experience and leverages the homeowners association website to keep members informed will achieve the best outcome.
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Encouraging members to get involved in the community can often be a challenge.  At times, members already have prior obligations and are unable to attend whether you post meeting times in advance on your HOA website or not.  If your HOA requires a quorum be met, there’s a chance the vote may not take place unless members have the option to use a proxy. 
How A Proxy Can Encourage Members To Vote
A proxy is basically a document where you give another member permission to place your vote on your behalf if you are unable to attend the meeting.  Depending on the homeowners association, the proxy may have required fields that need to be filled out such as the individual that will submit your proxy, your signature, and the date.
Choose a trustworthy member to give your proxy to so your vote will be accounted for on the matters you care about.  If the member holding your proxy fails to attend the meeting, your proxy won’t be turned in and your opinion won’t be heard on the matter.  Using a proxy allows you to stay involved at meetings when a vote is taking place without changing your schedule.
The HOA Website And Voting Options
Typically, there are two types of proxies that can be used when voting on a given topic.  One type gives your voting rights to the one you name on your proxy and the other specifically advises the individual to vote in a direct way on a certain matter.  
Proxies offer a convenience while remaining decisive in preserving the rights of HOA members and involving them in the community.  Maintaining your interest within the homeowners association can simply be done by regularly looking on the HOA website for any up-to-date changes and becoming more involved in the community to stay informed.
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All homeowners want to believe that a disaster will never strike their neighborhood as it can be a very devastating experience.  Unfortunately, it can happen in any neighborhood and most likely when you least expect it.  Become aware of the disasters that your area may be prone to by visiting the HOA website for up-to-date information regarding your neighborhood.  Depending on your area, you may be at more of a risk than others for a disaster to take place.
Precautionary Measures That Protect You and Your Neighbors
Take the time to get informed and develop some kind of a plan or checklist to review with your family should a disaster strike your community.  Go over this plan on a regular basis as this will ensure that your family is well prepared.  Additionally, network with your neighbors to stay informed when unstable conditions arise that could threaten your safety. 
If a disaster strikes your area, stay calm and act according to your plan as much as possible.  Think clearly and have a place outside of your neighborhood for the family to meet at if you are not together when it occurs.  Ideally, neighbors could assist each other in the event of a disaster as they are often the first ones to respond.
How The HOA Website Can Benefit You!
Being prepared is simple, yet many people neglect to do it as they often feel like they will never be a victim of a disaster.  As a homeowner, you should also review your homeowners insurance policy to verify you have adequate coverage incase your neighborhood would be struck by a disaster. 
Typically, preparation starts by having a plan to enact for disasters and frequently checking the HOA website for current posts to stay updated.  Planning ahead now and collectively thinking of ways to protect yourself in the future will be beneficial to you and the safety of your family.
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Today, a certain level of security is on the mind of most homeowners to some degree no matter where you live.  Thankfully, there are a variety of effective ways to improve neighborhood security, such as listing useful security steps on a homeowners association website for residents to apply to their own property. 
The First Step Towards A Secure Neighborhood
Whether you are middle-aged and have a family or closer to retirement age, it’s a legitimate concern to question the safety of your neighborhood.  The first aspect that should be considered when evaluating the safety of a community is to assess what areas need improvement.
Once you can pinpoint a potential problem or area for improvement then implement some form of action that will resolve or safeguard that area.  It might be best to visit the homeowners association website first and search there for a solution.
Could Social Media Be Putting You At A Security Risk?
homeowners association websiteDuring times of vacation or holidays, it’s very common to see postings on social media websites of residents enjoying their time away from home.  Sharing your location can be the most opportune time for a burglary to happen and should be avoided.
Inform a trustworthy neighbor if you will be out of town, then they can periodically watch your home and contact the authorities if they see suspicious activity.  Another way of promoting safety is to be aware of the crime in or around your area by staying up to date with the local news.
Community Involvement Increases Overall Safety!
Getting the community involved as a whole will not only accomplish a more secure neighborhood, but also establish a rapport among the HOA residents so they look out for each other. 
When a HOA stays pro-active about protecting their community, it shows a potential criminal that you and other HOA members are not an easy target.  Undoubtedly, the risk will outweigh the possible reward and they will avoid your neighborhood.
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What would it take for you to regret choosing a neighborhood without a homeowners association?  For some, it could be waking up to a barking dog while others may not care until they arrive home to find their neighbor has installed a fence that limits their view.  All too often the perks of a homeowners association are overlooked when everything is going smoothly.
Homeowners Association WebsiteThe alternative is living in an area where neighbors have the option to make changes that could possibly lower the value of your home.  Facing that situation will have you wishing you chose to live in a neighborhood that has a HOA.  Not all homeowners associations are the same so familiarize yourself with the rules or regulations of where you plan to live and choose a location that best matches your preferences.
What Do You Look For In A Homeowners Association?
Most homeowners want to know the fees and amenities that come along with being in a neighborhood with a HOA.  Initially, the fees could catch your attention but consider what you could lose if there wasn’t a homeowners association in place.  Look to see if this information is on the homeowners association website
In most cases, the protection of your property value and living in an attractive community is worth opting for a neighborhood with a HOA.  Most of these neighborhoods also have amenities that you can take advantage of such as walking trails, swimming pools, and a recreational center.  Virtually eliminating drive time and having to pay membership or entrance fees to enjoy such comforts.
Compare Homeowners Associations!
Shop around and analyze which community and HOA best meets your preferences and make a decision from there.  Approaching it this way often keeps a homeowner pleased with their choice as they enjoy the higher standards of a homeowners association without giving up too much.
Time well spent here will save yourself from dealing with any major heartbreak in the future and go a long way towards safeguarding your investment.
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Regardless of where you live, homeowners look forward to winter being over and getting outside in the springtime to tackle that landscaping project.  The best way to get started is to decide what you want your landscape to look like when completed and ensure it collectively coincides with your home.
It would be frustrating to invest the time and money into improving your place only to find out it’s not what you had envisioned.  For the do it yourself project, a typical mistake homeowners make is rushing into their spring landscaping without any strategy or prior research.
Take some time and list down what needs updated or changed and get an estimate together so you achieve an end result that is equally fitting and appealing when finished.
Keep This In Mind When Landscaping!
Landscaping work isn’t just a time to plant trees and flowers, but also a time to implement ideas that keep your place safer or pest-free.  Lighting is a great way to add safety to your location by placing lights along the pathway from your driveway to your door. 
Protecting against pests can be as easy as placing screens or fences around landscape work in advance to deny a potential pest access.  They can multiply rapidly and create a significant problem if not handled in a timely manner so that’s an area for everyone to think about.
Spring Anticipation
hoa websiteEven though landscaping can be an exciting time to be creative and put your own personal style on your property.  It’s important to remember what you like may not be what another person likes and they may not pay extra for the landscape work if you ever plan to sell your home in the future.
Sometimes keeping it stylish and tasteful will add significant value and curb appeal to your home without sacrificing long-term options should the situation come along to relocate.  The spring months are a great time to revitalize your yard with landscaping and enjoy the outdoors again!
When you are finished creating your masterpiece, be sure to share your accomplishment on your homeowners association website. Learn more here. There's little that's more motivating than keeping up with the Jones'.
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Deciding to finally purchase a home on the market today can be an overwhelming experience.  There are numerous aspects to take into consideration ranging from which location is ideal for you to financing a home and being comfortable over the duration of the loan.
Since 2011, improving economic conditions have sparked a bounce back in homeowner industry revenue.  New buyers have an advantage compared to years past as the interest rates have sunk to all-time lows and it’s a buyer’s market nowadays.
Lower interest rates factor into some serious savings over the course of a home loan making now an optimal time to be a homeowner.  Many options exist lessening the burden on purchasing a home that new buyers will be happy to know about. 
The Enjoyment Of Owning A New Home
Homes that are built today have many features which promote energy efficiency.  Examples would be modern appliances that require less electricity to function and better insulation and windows to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.  Modern design elements add to the functionality of everyday life as well.
Probably one of the best enjoyments of a new home is they are move-in ready without the hassle of performing any construction.  From a technology standpoint, new homes are more capable of accepting components that support a higher quality of living without making provisions.
New Buyer Excitement!
New buyers not only have the benefit of lower down payments and reduced interest rates, but also knowing they have a place that is their home!  Enduring the buying process can be intimidating, yet still worth it in the end to be free from throwing away money on rent.  With the numbers in your favor, becoming a homeowner is quite possibly one of the wisest investments you could make at this time.
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Taking advantage of an amenity can often be an annoyance if you want to enjoy the occasion without others interrupting your time.  One way around this is to book a reservation in advance so you have the time to share with your family and friends.
Submitting a reservation early on is favorable for having it approved.  Early submission will increase the probability that the clubhouse, pool, tennis court, or any other amenity you wish to use is still available for the day and time that you request. 
HOA Reservation Guidelines
Reservations will be granted on a “first come, first serve” basis provided a member has no restrictions.  When reserving an amenity, it will only be for that amenity and the day and time you desire.  This will show consideration to all members for them to have the pleasure of enjoying other various amenities as well.
During use, the amenity should be neatly kept and free from any trash or incurring any damage.  You could be asked to repair any damage or lose your deposit if damage would be apparent upon inspection.
The Convenience A Reservation Offers
Members of the HOA that wish to make a reservation could also be required to have their homeowners association dues paid in full before having their reservation approved.  If you wish to reserve an amenity, simply send an email with a reservation form completed or submit it in person.
Making a reservation offers a convenience that enables you to make plans and they go accordingly without any issues.  This feature basically adds comfort to your schedule without having to take another course of action.  If you don’t take the time to place a reservation then you could arrive only to find that the amenity you plan to enjoy is already reserved by another member.
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