Why Every HOA Board Must Enforce The Rules
Posted on September 25, 2017 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Most homeowners associations strive to provide residents with a higher level of safety and privacy in the community.  In order to do that, the HOA board must do their part to ensure the rules are followed so all homeowners are treated equally.  When everyone follows the rules, fewer issues transpire and the community benefits as more people connect on the homeowners association website.

If the HOA board fails to make a homeowner comply with rules it can have a negative impact on relations with other residents.  The following are all reasons why the board needs to enforce the rules in your homeowners association.
Responsibility & Protection

In every association, the HOA board is in charge of many tasks that ultimately lead to a smooth running community.  When board members accept their position, they are required to not only abide by the regulations but to also put them into action.  In HOA communities, there are law abiding members and an occasional defiant one.
For instance, some homeowners will install a security system but the camera may be angled in a way that it invades the privacy of a neighbor.  The board has a duty to step in and protect that neighbor from the one who is not following the rules.  If the board would ignore this situation, the homeowners association could face legal action.
Financial Obligations & Trust

The homeowners association relies on HOA fees and assessments to cover operational costs and maintenance projects.  The board has a responsibility of ensuring all members pay their fees and assessments to avoid having a lack of funds.  If the rules are frequently broken and no action is taken, the board will slowly lose credibility and members will stop trusting them to handle matters on their behalf.
Remember, dedication from the HOA board on enforcing the rules is crucial for the homeowners association to thrive.  Additionally, consider using the homeowners association website to keep members informed about the benefits of following the rules!
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