What Should A Homeowners Association Do About Barking Dog Complaints?
Posted on November 13, 2017 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Most dogs require a certain amount of interaction to keep them entertained as they are social and sensitive animals.  Often, they easily get bored if there’s nothing to keep them engaged and they might find relief in constant barking.  Other dogs will respond in a noisy manner to any activity as a way of staying occupied.

If you live in a neighborhood where there are dogs, then you probably agree that there’s nothing more annoying than relentless barking.  Even for dog lovers, barking that seems to never cease is irritating and it needs urgent attention.  Whether you’re a homeowner or a board member, the following tips will help you know how the HOA can deal with complaints regarding barking.
Specify & Enforce Rules

The HOA board can place rules concerning barking on the HOA website where all homeowners may see them.  The penalties associated with unresolved barking should be outlined clearly.  Aside from that, the board has a responsibility to make sure that dog owners who don’t abide by the rules are penalized.
Educate Owners About Bark Prevention Methods

Dog owners are probably as curious about the barking problem their dog has as everyone else in the neighborhood.  The board should step in and offer them ideas on what may be causing their dog to bark and what techniques will ease the matter.  For instance, training can be very helpful so advise owners how professionals train their dogs to avoid unnecessary barking.

Fortunately, there are numerous professionals in this sector that can be reached online.  In severe cases, anti-barking collars can be used to keep dogs from barking.  A possibility owners should consider is to get another dog so their current dog has a partner and doesn’t start barking as a response to loneliness.
If you’re a board member, you likely recognize laziness is one of the leading reasons as to why dog owners fail to deal with barking problems effectively.  Use the HOA website as a tool to keep everyone educated so fewer complaints are reported and the community is a more peaceful place.
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