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What Information Should You Include on Your HOA Website?
Posted on June 9, 2022 10:07 AM by HOA Sites
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HOA WebsiteAs a community manager for an HOA, it is important to create a site that your residents appreciate and one that meets their needs. Doing so might make your residents part of the 74% of all HOA residents who claim their community managers support their needs. Here are a few things you can include to make your site better.
Rules and Regulations
Great HOA websites include the rules and regulations that residents must follow. These can include things like fence height, animal restrictions, grass mowing rules, and much more. Include a downloadable PDF that your residents can access whenever they want, so they can see these rules easily.
Tax and Dues Information
Give your residents a transparent page that discusses their taxes and HOA fees. Highlight what they get when they pay these fees, such as maintenance and garbage removal. Doing so can help you create a website that provides real value and which may impress potential residents.
Contact Information
Place your contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, a business address, and a contact form. This online contact form will let your residents set up appointments and seek help easily.
Potential HOA Changes
Useful HOA websites include relevant information about the HOA and its potential changes. For example, you can list any maintenance, building upgrades, road construction, or landscaping you have planned. Doing so can help your residents understand what to expect throughout the year.
Calendar of Events
Do you plan various HOA events throughout the year? It is a good idea to put up a calendar that tracks them all. Your residents can then print off this calendar and use it throughout the year. Try to keep the calendar updated throughout the year to ensure it has the most relevant information possible.
We hope that this information answered all your questions about HOA websites. As you can probably guess, upgrading your website to include all of this information is a major process and is something that you need to do regularly to ensure that your site is appealing. Thankfully, hiring a simple site manager can help you keep your site strong and make it stand out from other competitors. Reach out to us today if you need help keeping your site up to date for your residents.
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