Useful Advice To Make Sure The HOA Has An Effective Board Meeting
Posted on August 5, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Do you or any of your board members every dread going to the HOA board meeting?  Maybe your association meetings normally take longer than they should or important matters are forgotten about.  In many cases, nothing significant gets accomplished as most members tend to waste time arguing with each another.  If you’re encountering the same problem, have the HOA board try the following tactics so your meetings are more effective.
Be Prepared

One of the biggest reasons for ineffectiveness and boredom at board meetings is that members fail to be prepared.  When board members aren’t well informed of what’s to be discussed, they’re more likely to argue and jump from one topic to another without any order.

If you want to ensure everyone is prepared, confirm that each member has received the details of the meeting several days before it takes place.  You could also try placing relevant resources on the homeowner association website for members to prepare well in advance so they understand the topics.
Specific Time For Open Comments

Another time-wasting activity is when members are given a chance to talk about issues outside the agenda as the meeting continues.  An effective way of dealing with this is to create time for open comments, before or after the meeting.  During this time, members are allowed to give their thoughts but they must stop once the meeting starts if the subject isn’t part of the agenda.

One idea is to get a book that contains the guidelines for conducting meetings professionally and how to reach decisions as a group.  You could also upload a copy of the HOA rules to your homeowner association website so all members can easily review them.  These strategies may not transform your HOA meetings into a fun-filled activity but they’re highly likely to help you reach better decisions in less time!
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