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Place A Reservation To Secure A Homeowners Association Amenity
Posted on May 12, 2015 8:45 AM by HOA Sites
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Taking advantage of an amenity can often be an annoyance if you want to enjoy the occasion without others interrupting your time.  One way around this is to book a reservation in advance so you have the time to share with your family and friends.
Submitting a reservation early on is favorable for having it approved.  Early submission will increase the probability that the clubhouse, pool, tennis court, or any other amenity you wish to use is still available for the day and time that you request. 
HOA Reservation Guidelines
Reservations will be granted on a “first come, first serve” basis provided a member has no restrictions.  When reserving an amenity, it will only be for that amenity and the day and time you desire.  This will show consideration to all members for them to have the pleasure of enjoying other various amenities as well.
During use, the amenity should be neatly kept and free from any trash or incurring any damage.  You could be asked to repair any damage or lose your deposit if damage would be apparent upon inspection.
The Convenience A Reservation Offers
Members of the HOA that wish to make a reservation could also be required to have their homeowners association dues paid in full before having their reservation approved.  If you wish to reserve an amenity, simply send an email with a reservation form completed or submit it in person.
Making a reservation offers a convenience that enables you to make plans and they go accordingly without any issues.  This feature basically adds comfort to your schedule without having to take another course of action.  If you don’t take the time to place a reservation then you could arrive only to find that the amenity you plan to enjoy is already reserved by another member.
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