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Outdoor Tips For HOA Residents To Enjoy The Spring Season
Posted on March 30, 2017 7:00 PM by HOA Sites
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Spring is an anticipated time for most residents as winter makes it nearly impossible to enjoy some outdoor activities due to freezing temperatures.  Aside from enjoying outdoor activities, spring is also an ideal time to catch up on maintaining the outside of your home as warmer weather arrives.  Areas of the home could likely use a round of spring cleaning after the winter months.  The following tips are usually found on the homeowner association website as they ensure your home is ready for another year.
What Do Guests Notice First?
Certain areas of a home are more noticeable than others so factor that into your approach when you start.  For instance, the front porch and guest seating area may be where guests spend most of their time so focus on cleaning these areas well.  When cleaning, choose a cloudy day or start early to prevent surfaces such as windows and the garage door from getting heat soaked.
Remember, cooler surfaces are much easier to clean and windows will have fewer water spots if you dry them with a chamois after washing.  Often, using a rag or brush soaked in dish soap and a multi-purpose cleaner is adequate to clean most surfaces.  Afterwards, use a water hose to rinse the area and check for cleanliness.  If not, use a pressure washer on the area but refrain from holding the nozzle in one spot as it might cause damage.
All Residents Enjoy Fresh Air
Many HOA residents look forward to the spring season as they enjoy having guests over for a gathering or cookout.  The patio area is where a majority of guests will sit to experience the fresh air that spring brings.  Patio furniture should be wiped down using a warm, wet cloth after all cushions have been removed and vacuumed.  Last but not least, remove any cobwebs that formed over winter and don’t forget to keep the homeowner association website in mind for future tips.
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