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One Aspect That Can Cause An HOA Board To Excel
Posted on July 29, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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An HOA board is charged with handling all business matters regarding the association and how well they perform directly impacts the community.  Board members make some of the most important decisions that affect the future of the community in terms of landscaping, HOA fees, future projects, and more.  As a result, education is a vital aspect that ultimately determines the HOA’s success.  When directors are more educated, it usually increases the chance of success for the homeowners association.
Why Education?

Managing a homeowners association is similar in many ways to running a business.  Board members have to deal with the association’s financial accounts, deal with suppliers, and handle other processes that need some technical skills.  These days, many HOA’s have a community website and board members need to know how such a platform works if they want to connect well with homeowners online.
How To Get Relevant Education

Board members don’t need college degrees to run the association successfully.  After all, most of them are just volunteers who want to better their communities.  The best way to get relevant education is to bring a good HOA management company on board.  Then, the company should be able to explain to board members what they’ve been elected to do and give them advice that helps them along the way.

When new members are elected, they could go through a training seminar issued by management company representatives or board members.  Some of the issues that need to be discussed in these seminars include the association documents and laws, conflict resolution strategies, and how the community website works.

Of course, education doesn’t stop after the training seminars.  It’s good to have an HOA manager as a resident expert that provides board members with continuous education and shows them how to deal with issues as the arise.  Beyond that, an HOA manager also encourages board members to work together which helps the community run smoothly and become a better place to live.
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