Maintenance Issues That Are Commonplace In A Homeowners Association
Posted on January 14, 2016 8:30 AM by HOA Sites
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Maintenance in the homeowners association is one element that homeowners often look at when choosing one association over another.  The contrast in the community website and hearsay about the HOA can be unpleasant if you fail to familiarize yourself with the CC&R’s.  When routine maintenance is neglected, it can eventually cause friction or a dispute in the homeowners association.
Homeowners in an association usually expect maintenance responsibilities to be held to a higher standard as part of living in an area with HOA fees.  After all, that is one of the advantages of living in a homeowners association but what happens when those responsibilities are disregarded?
Distinguish What Is Your Responsibility!
Homeowners associations will have different guidelines regarding what they are responsible for and what is the homeowners responsibility.  Every homeowner needs to be familiar with the areas that are their responsibility and understand that the association is responsible for common areas.
The homeowner is obligated to resolve matters on their own property.  Those matters might include a disagreement with another neighbor about property boundaries.  Depending on your homeowners association, they may not assist in resolving the issue and advise you to seek legal help.
Another example is restricting the posting of signs in yards or on fences.  Unless the sign is for real estate purposes, the homeowners association may prohibit residents to have signs since the neighborhood will appear disorganized.  The significance is for residents to realize how signs reflect a negative image of the community.
Is Community Maintenance For You?
Residents who want to make a difference in regard to improving the maintenance of their neighborhood are appreciated.  Often, homeowners use the community website as a way to initially get informed then develop ways towards improving maintenance issues by getting involved.  If no responsibility is indicated in the CC&R’s, the homeowner will be the one to accept responsibility of the situation under most circumstances.
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