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Key Tips To Reduce Being Targeted By Burglars In Your HOA
Posted on November 22, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Breaking and entering has become fairly common in some communities.  Even though an HOA is expected to guarantee the security of its members, there is a limit to what they can do.  If people in the community are anxious, every little sound might fill them with fear so encourage them to take precautions that will increase the likelihood that burglars stay away.

This is one area in which your homeowners association website can shine.  Use it to distribute a few essential tips that the community may share so homeowners protect their homes and keep burglars out.
Invest In Security

Many HOA’s hire some type of security and install surveillance systems, however, homeowners should still take tangible steps to safeguard their home against an intrusion.  Obviously, deadlocks should be installed on the doors and it’s a good idea to strengthen door frames with reinforced strike plates.
Naturally, you must remember to close and lock the windows at all times, but that isn’t enough to keep determined burglars from entering.  Consider installing additional mechanisms such as lock pins on sliding doors to improve the overall security of your home.
Prepare For The Worst

While there are people who still hide a key to their home outside, every homeowners association website needs to discourage this habit.  When you are away for long periods, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your place.  Of course, they can’t observe your property all the time.

In the event a burglar attacks in the middle of the night and gets away with some items, make sure you mark all of your belongings beforehand.  This simplifies the process of identifying and retrieving your things.  You can’t make your home completely burglar-proof but these tips will make it much more difficult for the average criminal to gain access to your home.
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