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How to Make Your HOA Site Stand Out From Competitors
Posted on June 13, 2022 10:12 AM by HOA Sites
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HOA Website ServicesDid you know that around 8,000 new HOA's (homeowner's associations) form each year across the nation? This fact is important to understand because it shows that competition is only going to get more fierce among the many available associations. As a result, it is important to do what you can to make your HOA website stand out. Why is this important? Let's take a deep dive into this topic and find out.
Why Your HOA Website Matters
If you have a great HOA company, you might not think that a website matters all that much. However, it can make the difference between getting new clients, retaining your current residents, or falling behind your competitors. A great HOA website can provide you with many benefits, including:
  • A great advertising opportunity that appeals to many potential residents 
  • Pictures and videos highlighting your HOA and its many advantages 
  • Testimonials from people who live in the area discussing its benefits 
  • A simple place to sign up for or apply to housing in the area
  • Payment portal options for your current residents 
  • An attractive and professional look that appeals to many people 

As you can see, it is vital to make sure that your HOA website is appealing and attractive for both potential residents and current ones. Understanding a few simple steps to improve your overall website can give you the control that you need to make your HOA more appealing and stand out from your many competitors in the area.
Ways to Improve Your HOA Website
Making your HOA website a more appealing destination is surprisingly simple. Here are a few simple ways you can make your HOA website better:
  • Improve Its Style: Hire a professional web designer to improve your HOA website's overall look and feel by integrating modern styles and photos.
  • Expand Its Uses: Make your website useful for your residents, including adding a rent portal or maintenance request form. 
  • Address Concerns: Create a form where residents can address concerns or vote on various topics, giving them more feedback.

As you can see, your HOA website is far more important than you may realize. Making it more appealing and more useful can help you retain residents and even find new ones. Reach out to us today to speak with a site designer about these upgrades and to make sure that you have the greatest advantage to have a better site than your competitors.
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