How The HOA Board Should Be Fair During This Campaign Season
Posted on October 16, 2020 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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An election year may complicate matters for the HOA board since it has to contend with the opposing ideologies that run rampant in the community.  In order to retain their authority among residents and to play the role of an impartial mediator during this contentious period, board members must maintain a neutral stance.  Often, they do that by overcoming all obstacles regarding the community in a manner that doesn’t empower one side or diminish the other.  The goal is to strike a fair balance which is usually difficult, but it can be done.
Equal Opportunity

The easiest way for the board to remain neutral during a campaign season is to show their support for both sides.  A task that can be accomplished by not only highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each political camp on the neighborhood website but also inviting local candidates to make their case to the community.
This is particularly effective in elections during which measures that could affect the future of the community have taken center stage.  The HOA board should consider inviting the local leaders and representatives to either defend or oppose these measures to residents.
Free Speech

Some associations have a difficult time with keeping politics out of their communities but most homeowners will resist any attempt to silence their voices.  For this reason, an HOA board needs to consider spending their resources on defining the rules and regulations that will govern political speech in the community.  The neighborhood website should list the boundaries within which political views can be expressed to ensure that the constitutional freedoms of residents are protected.
Legal Consultation

An HOA board is discouraged from enacting rules that contradict the established laws of the country as those attempts could attract a variety of consequences.  During matters such as these, boards are encouraged to consult with an experienced attorney that will guide their actions, even where political yard signs are concerned.  Regardless of what the board does, it should notify residents of any changes in the protocols governing their actions during a campaign season.
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