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How Should You Thank An HOA Volunteer?
Posted on July 12, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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Whether a volunteer serves on the board or uploads content to the homeowners association website for free, they all play an important role in your community.  Without them, your association would be burdened with paying for those services and that would lead to higher HOA fees.  The following discusses ways in which you can be an HOA volunteer, as well as how to show appreciation towards volunteers.
Volunteer Opportunities In Your HOA

If you think about it, there’s likely some service you can provide for free to your HOA that will show your devotion to the community.  You could team up with other neighbors and start a weekly cleanup routine to ensure the neighborhood remains tidy.  Another way to volunteer would be to plan social activities such as holiday parties with the goal of nurturing community relationships.

Does your HOA have a homeowners association website?  If not, and you have web design skills, you should think about volunteering your time to create one for the community.  However, if the HOA has one, why not engage your fellow members in meaningful discussions and post content they find helpful?  Other ways of volunteering include starting a community watch program and helping with the delivery of newsletters.
Show Appreciation Towards Volunteers

Those who impact the community in a positive way are normally featured on the homeowners association website or in the association newsletter.  If you want to make a volunteer feel appreciated, introduce yourself and tell them how much you value their work.  You may also send them a thank you card or a small gift around the holidays.

Special acts shouldn’t go unnoticed so when you see a volunteer go out of their way, push for them to be recognized.  The recognition helps them feel that the community values their effort and others will be encouraged to follow in their footsteps.  Volunteers invest their time and energy for the benefit of others so be sure to show them some appreciation.
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