Frequently Asked Questions About Parking In Your Homeowners Association
Posted on December 18, 2015 10:54 AM by HOA Sites
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It can be a real challenge for any homeowner to look into the future and assess which areas of living in a homeowners association will have the most significance towards their happiness.  A great homeowner association website captures the attention of the homeowner and addresses those areas that have been a problem for residents in the past.  Typically, parking isn’t a major concern, but each association is different when it comes to their rules so here are some common questions to contemplate.
Are You Allowed To Park There?
The covenants and bylaws of the homeowners association are there to preserve the value of your place but also to restrict or limit what you and your neighbors do.  One of those restrictions could be that several vehicles are prohibited from being parked in the driveway.
For homeowners with multiple vehicles, this presents a problem so fully understand the parking guidelines or restrictions in advance.  The governing documents may have not been amended since the homeowners association was created and you will be legally bound to comply.  Also check that your homeowners association doesn’t restrict the parking of a sport utility vehicle or pickup truck outside.
Where Should Visitors Park?
There may be a limited number of spaces for your guests to park depending on the time of year and if other neighbors have invited guests.  On holidays or special occasions, it can be frustrating when you invite friends or family over and they are asked to move their vehicle because they parked in a restricted spot.  Are your guests allowed to park on the street?
The homeowners association you live in may allow it but the recommended amount of space should be reserved for emergency vehicles.  As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to notify your visitors of the best locations to park as well as the locations that should be avoided.  Often, the parking policy can be found on the homeowner association website for residents and visitors to be informed.  In the future, network with your guests so any frustration related to parking can be eliminated and a more joyful visit can take place.
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