Bylaw Changes In The Homeowners Association
Posted on September 25, 2015 1:34 PM by HOA Sites
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Part of living in a homeowners association is to understand the bylaws and how they protect the HOA and residents.  The bylaws are guidelines to how the homeowners association operates and they establish boundaries for making revisions to the bylaws themselves when changes are imperative.
Often, the bylaws can be found on the HOA website as they cover many aspects of the homeowners association. Included in the bylaws are the voting rights of members, schedule of meetings, responsibilities of the board of directors, and those who serve on the board.
Will An Update Change Your Point Of View?
Residents that accept the bylaws of a homeowners association may not agree to an amendment of a bylaw while other residents may be ready for a change.  Some residents may have relocated after analyzing the guidelines of the homeowners association as the bylaws can significantly influence the satisfaction of homeowners.  If those bylaws are updated, that could lead to major changes in voting rights or replacing members on the board of directors.
With each passing year, there may be bylaws that become out-of-date and need updated to efficiently address matters within the homeowners association.  Periodically, the board of directors should evaluate the bylaws to ensure they adequately fulfill the needs and concerns of residents.
Take A Vote!
Bylaw changes not only come about from the board of directors but also from homeowners who are requesting it.  When a change happens, it must be performed in a manner according to what is outlined in the bylaws.  Typically, proposed changes to the bylaws are discussed in a meeting where the amendment is voted upon before the change can be reflected.
Various homeowners associations allow the board to update the bylaws without taking a vote among the members as long as it is noted in the bylaws.  Normally, a majority of homeowners want to have a voice in those changes.  Prevent moments of frustration by learning about the bylaws and the voting process through the HOA website.
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