An Effective Stain Removing Solution For Homeowners Association Residents
Posted on December 11, 2015 6:00 AM by HOA Sites
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A majority of the discussions on the community website pertain to topics regarding the outside of your home or what happens outside your home.  Equally important, the inside should be a focus so your home maintains the highest market value.
As much as you try to prevent them, eventually there will be spills or accidents that can lead to a stain on your floor or carpet.  For some residents, this can be overwhelming but removal of the stain is much easier when the proper approach is implemented for removing the stain.
Stay Calm & Act Swiftly!
The initial reaction that most homeowners have when a spill happens is to wipe aggressively and firmly to clean up the liquid as fast as possible.  As a result, the stain becomes more prominent as the liquid has a greater chance of being absorbed in the fabric of the carpet.  Instead, gently dab the area in a swift manner with a paper towel or white cloth so the spill is absorbed in the cloth, not the carpet. 
Additionally, use multiple paper towels or white cloths if the spill covers a large area and work from the outside edge of the spill towards the center.  This technique will effectively contain the spill, keep it from spreading, and ease the task of removing the stain. 
An Effective Solution That Works
Once the spill is mostly absorbed, use a soapy water mixture or a stain remover and spray the stain.  Allow it to soak for one to two minutes and lightly brush the stain with a soft bristle brush using a crosshatch pattern.  Monitor your progress by periodically cleaning with water or a wet towel.
For more stubborn stains, repeat this process until the carpet no longer shows any signs of the stain or blemish.  After the stain is removed, blot the area with a dry towel to remove as much of the residue as possible.  More effective solutions such as this can be found on the community website to keep your house looking great.
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