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A Simple Guide That Ensures HOA Residents Have A Great Customer Service Experience
Posted on March 28, 2019 8:00 AM by HOA Sites
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In the past, customer service was only relevant with regard to the retail industry.  But today, it has become a determining factor of success in almost every field, including homeowners associations.  One way of improving customer service in an HOA is to create a community website that will be used as a platform for listening and responding to member questions or complaints.

In an HOA, all of the people that work for the association need to be properly oriented and educated about their roles.  You could hire an expert or request that existing members give new members proper guidance on responding to homeowner issues.  Summarized below are some essential skills to know for customer service.
Listen & Respond Promptly

Whether a homeowner contacts you on the community website, calls you, or visits you in person, you should always give them your undivided attention.  As a staff member, exercise professionalism at all times and show them that you care about their concerns.  Even if you don’t have a solution or answer right away, give the homeowner some assurance that you will work on their problem within a respectable time frame.
Stay Calm

You may be approached by many residents that present a plethora of issues.  Some residents will be calm while others are irritated or filled with anger.  When a homeowner gets loud, it might be because they’ve tried to voice their concerns but no action has been taken so remain calm and serve them diligently.  If the situation continues to escalate, remind them about the HOA rules and notify the authorities.

In a homeowners association, residents are like customers while the board and HOA managers are like customer service representatives.  Ensure that residents receive the best customer service experience so they feel compelled to pay HOA fees on time and take better care of their property.
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