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5 Reasons Every HOA Should Have an HOA Website
Posted on December 27, 2021 3:11 PM by HOA Sites
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HOA WebsiteCreating an HOA website should be part of every HOA or Condo Association's online marketing strategy. Every board member knows that it takes money, time, and commitment to keep the association's property looking its best for the benefit of all residents. A community website provides an affordable solution to these challenges. Here are five ways a website can enhance your neighborhood:
1. Online Payments and Online Account Balances
This is perhaps the most helpful way an HOA website can help your homeowners association collaborate online. As part of its payment system, the website allows residents to pay their monthly dues or fees with credit cards or electronic check payments in addition to offering an automated billing service for monthly association fees.

Many banks offer free credit card processing for non-profits, but even if your association is charged a small fee each time the online payment service is used, it's still cheaper than writing and mailing paper checks. If you opt to receive electronic check payments instead of credit cards, be sure to have enough funds in your account because sometimes when online payment fails, your bank may return your check for insufficient funds.
Online account balances created by an HOA website also allow association members to see exactly what their accounts hold at any given time and review past transactions. In addition, the system will send email reminders when an online balance falls below a certain amount so that owners can add more money before the account becomes overdrawn.
2. Electronic Document Management
The homeowners association website allows residents to access important documents and distribute them easily without having to scan and email them one by one. If an owner has, for example, a copy of the architectural review guidelines they need to share with their neighbor or a list of recommended contractors who can help with a renovation project, the owner can upload the files to the website and share them easily with other homeowners.
Like online account balances, this solution helps association members avoid costly mistakes like having important documents lost in email spam filters or sent to an outdated email address. The system notifies residents when documents need attention, so they don't fall through the cracks.
3. Online Community Forums
In addition to uploading documents, many community association websites allow owners and board members to communicate with each other about important topics using an online forum. Like a message board or social networking site, the system lets homeowners ask questions, give feedback, and offer suggestions on anything from landscaping projects to improving security.

Online forums make it easy to communicate with a large number of homeowners at once using a service that's already a part of the HOA website. Association members can also share information about local businesses and services they have found helpful, which helps enhance your neighborhood's web presence and visibility online.

4. Online Resident Directory

In addition to offering online forums, many homeowners association websites have a resident directory that makes it easy for homeowners to find people living in the neighborhood. The system typically includes an interactive map with each owner's home on it, so people know exactly where their neighbors are located before they come over to introduce themselves.

This is another great way for property owners to network offline and build better relationships in the community. It also helps residents connect with others who might be interested in joining their homeowner's association or similar community groups.

5. Online Photo Gallery

Instead of emailing photos back and forth to friends and neighbors, many communities use a photo gallery on their website to upload images that everyone can view and comment on. This is another great way for homeowners to share information about the things they're most passionate about in their neighborhood, whether it's a new landscaping project or photos from a community event.

Online photo galleries are also useful if you need to print large format wall posters or postcards of your community for special occasions like holidays or open houses. You'll need a large printer and a reliable printing company to handle the job, so check out this article on outsourcing print jobs.


The ease of access and convenience offered by online HOA websites make them extremely helpful for homeowners' association members. If you haven't considered using one for your neighborhood already, now might be the time to consider an upgrade to your old system or an entirely new site that offers all of these features.
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