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3 Ways HOA Managers Are Viewed By Residents
Posted on October 3, 2022 7:30 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowners associations have rules in place to provide a nice community and protect the value of all residents’ homes.  Throughout the year, there will be times when managers enforce those rules listed on the HOA website.  When this happens, some homeowners form a negative opinion of them, while others appreciate the manager doing their job.  Here are three ways that managers are viewed by residents in an HOA.
Enforces Rules & Guidelines
Typically, a homeowners association is created to oversee a residential community.  Over time, some homeowners may see their managers as a bad person considering they enforce all of these rules that people don’t like and keep them from doing what they want to do.
On top of this, some HOA’s have been known to get power-hungry where they throw around their weight with little to no oversight by surveying neighbors on petty issues such as new cars parked in the driveway.  The HOA needs to remember that stealthy tactical enforcement is a better way to enforce rules than to do it in a pushy way.
Catalyst Of Change
Managers are often seen as bad people in a homeowners association since they are thought of as the catalyst for change.  Even though it would be wrong to say that management is always treated poorly, there is no denying the fact that it is an adversarial position, especially when changes comes at everyone else’s expense.
For instance, when one homeowner complains about their neighbor on the HOA website, the manager will be tasked with informing them to follow the rules.  As a result, managers must continuously prove their value by finding ways to infuse new life into stagnant communities.
Bearer Of Bad News
Homeowners associations are usually founded on the idea that they are a form of community.  However, management companies have to break the bad news to members and hope to be viewed as objective go-between.  As a member of an HOA, it is crucial to know and follow the rules for the betterment of your neighborhood.
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