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Posted on September 22, 2022 8:52 AM by HOA Sites
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Fraudulent management is not only unethical but it’s also a concerning issue that has the potential to cripple your standard of living.  According to the community website, fraud involves falsifying documents or other deceptive practices in which a personal or financial gain occurs.
It can be extremely challenging to detect and avoid fraud; however, several methods can be utilized if you suspect an HOA board is fraudulent.  The following steps are a great guide to those who think their board may be guilty of deceitful acts and want to confirm their suspicion.
Collect & Report
Contact the authorities immediately if you have direct evidence of your HOA board committing fraud.  They will usually be alerted by the number of complaints that have been filed and conduct an investigation.  However, this is a situation where you must collect as much evidence as possible, such as documents and recordings, to assist with the investigation.  It is also advisable to take notes every time you have a conversation with board members as questions may be asked regarding their actions.
Review HOA Records
If you suspect there may be fraudulent activity, you can request that permission be granted to review all documents, especially financial documents like financial statements, budgets, and reserves.  On the community website, it claims you can access the association’s records through the Civil Code section even if you may not be one of the HOA board members.
Consult With An Attorney
Obviously, situations like this could require some legal action to be taken so make sure you consult with an attorney beforehand so you know all your options.  If you suspect your HOA is in violation of a state law that is unable to be resolved through the use of these methods, reach out to an attorney.  At the end of the day, the HOA board is protected by a set of governing documents so remember these steps when deciding on what you should do.
Posted on September 21, 2022 2:41 PM by HOA Sites
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HOA WebsiteThe main goals of a homeowners' association are to help the community comply with architectural standards, manage community affairs, and collect dues. They also promote neighborhood spirit and ensure all members get crucial news and information. An HOA website is a credible tool to make communication and management easier. Here is a deeper look into five ways an HOA website can help your organization reach more community members.
Collect Fees and Dues on Time
Previously, HOA members used checks to pay dues, which took a long time to process. HOA websites ease the process by having simple online payment options. Receiving money electronically helps improve an organization's cash flow and facilitates timely payments. Members can save time by making payments online and reserving amenities without having to get in touch with a staff or board member.
Encourage Member Participation
Many residents don't make it to meetings for various reasons. A website enables the board to post minutes to enlighten residents who missed the meeting. Members have an opportunity to air their views and follow the proceedings online. Participation makes an HOA community great. According to statistics, HOA community homes are more valuable than non-HOA homes. In fact, in 2017, HOA community homes were valued at $5.88 trillion! Imagine how much of a difference your HOA can make in your community with proper participation.
Reduce the Cost of Mailing and Printing
Years ago, HOAs spent a lot of money on mailing and printing to manage all their members. Picture this: how much can an organization with hundreds of residents use to print materials and mail them? It costs a lot of money, but with HOA websites and email services, the community can reduce information transmission costs. The management can send reminders and important documents and update directories without printing costs.
Distribute Crucial Announcements
More than ever, community members want to know about events. HOA websites should have an online calendar and event scheduling to keep residents informed on what's happening. The board should also include links to parks, schools, and libraries to allow the free flow of information to members.
Promote Transparency and Engagement
A website serves as an HOA library, thus helping members access community guidelines and regulations. You can also encourage members to interact in discussions. In short, HOA websites act as windows that peer into what your organization offers, how it is managed, and what it does. This creates an environment of transparency where members can enjoy community get-togethers and participation.
Overall, an HOA website is the best investment for your association. It will save money and time, promote effective communication, and facilitate daily administrative tasks. Consult HOA Sites today if you need an easy-to-navigate website to showcase your governing documents, newsletters, FAQs, and more. Our team of experienced professionals understands the needs of the HOA community!
Posted on September 20, 2022 2:39 PM by HOA Sites
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Condo WebsiteCondo owners and managers have discovered that having an engaging and accessible condominium website can deliver various benefits to their tenants. A website makes it easier for residents to learn about community events and assessment dates. If you don't have a property website, you should get one soon. Continue reading to learn about five key benefits of a condo website.
24/7 Accessibility
Through the website, your tenants can contact you easily and at any time. If there's an issue at their condo, they can reach you and report the problem. The tenants can access their records anytime, so they will not be restricted to office hours. A good website for your condo complex should have an events calendar and facility hours of operation as well.
Relationship Builder
An effective condo website creates a central place where residents who have never met each other can get to know one another. Neighbors can share interests and helpful information that strengthens the sense of community. After getting to know each other online, residents can also plan in-person get-togethers.
Easy Payments
According to statistics, approximately 25-27% of the U.S. population lives in communities governed by house associations, condominiums, and cooperatives. That is quite a few people who need to make monthly payments! Tenants prefer completing transactions online rather than meeting with condo management to issue a check. A self-service portal on your website enables that and reduces the chances of late payments. With a website, it's easy for owners to track payments, too.
A Communication Tool
In this era, so many people turn to the internet for information. A condo website provides tenants access to information about their community 24/7. It is also a better forum for condo owners to convey information about changes or upcoming events. Tenants can also get announcements related to parking lot maintenance or the presence of home improvement professionals on the property. In essence, websites bridge the communication gap, especially in larger communities.
Time Saver
Condo tenants may not always look for you in your office to discuss maintenance or other issues. With a website, they can source whatever information they need. This saves you time because a condominium website will do some of the work for you! Tenants also save time when using a self-service portal rather than spending time looking for you or your property manager.
A website is the best communication platform for your residents; it saves time and money and makes payment easier. To enjoy these and other great benefits, you need a good-looking website. We are here to help you get an easy-to-navigate condo website. Speak with our professionals here at HOA Sites today and join other condo owners with well-designed websites for their properties!
Posted on September 19, 2022 8:56 AM by HOA Sites
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Emergencies are demanding no matter how ready you are, but how do you prepare for an event like a fire?  Despite the homeowners association website being full of valuable information, you will want to be prepared for all possibilities regarding emergencies in your HOA.  In case of an emergency, the homeowners association has a plan to handle unforeseen circumstances.
Emergency Contact & Meeting Places
Verify everyone in the neighborhood has each other’s contact information so everyone can stay in touch in an emergency.  If there’s a disaster, internet service may be down so text messaging and calling neighbors may be the only way to communicate important information.
One topic that is mentioned on the homeowners association website is to have an agreed upon meeting place if you become separated from one another.  You can decide on this during an HOA meeting or by speaking with your property manager.
An Emergency Response Plan
Although it rarely gets talked about, everyone in your HOA must know who to call and how to contact them even if cell phone service would be unavailable.  Make sure you save emergency response numbers and contact names of police and fire departments.  The property manager usually gives this information to residents and you could even find it on the homeowners association website.
Learn CPR
Knowing how to perform CPR can save lives in certain emergencies, especially if a person is injured due to an accident.  Depending on your HOA, there may be classes nearby for children or adults who would benefit greatly from learning these skills.  If the HOA has no classes for residents, look into taking a class at a local hospital or college to learn these valuable life-saving skills.
As a homeowner in a homeowners association, you must be prepared for all emergencies.  That can mean anything from power outages to natural disasters.  If you’re living in an area that isn’t prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, then your emergency plan will probably differ from someone who does.  In most cases, the best way to be prepared is to have the proper supplies and work with your neighbors beforehand.
Posted on September 13, 2022 7:11 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowners associations have been around for decades and they continue to grow in popularity, as stated on the neighborhood website.  HOA’s are in charge of enforcing the rules, operations, and finances for a subdivision or neighborhood.  When you are considering buying a home, one aspect that should be of interest to you is why the HOA board has authority.
Property Upkeep & Common Areas
The board manages all aspects of the association, from landscaping to building repair decisions.  They also oversee other aspects like zoning provisions, parking regulations, and construction timetables.  Before making any changes to your property, visit the neighborhood website first to see if you need to get approval from the board.
There are many common areas in the HOA community that residents share with each other, these include recreational facilities and places for meeting up.  The board has a duty to ensure that these are well-maintained as outlined in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of the HOA.  Board members also have a responsibility to see repairs are done correctly and promptly.
Allocation Of HOA Fees
If you choose to live in an area with an HOA, you will be paying a monthly or annual fee.  The HOA board collects these dues and decides how these funds will be allocated to make sure the association offers a safe and pleasant community.  This can be found in the CC&R’s of the HOA as to what authority the board has and how they can enforce these rules.  Read the CC&R’s prior to moving in so you don’t encounter any problems.
Enforcing Agreements
You might be surprised that the HOA can sue community members, as well as enforce all governing documents.  In case a homeowner fails to follow HOA rules, the board can take legal action or have them evicted.  While they will likely never need to use this power, they have it at their disposal.  If you want to live in a secure community that looks nice and is well-managed, expect the HOA board to be very active in ensuring your neighborhood is a desirable place for everyone.
Posted on September 7, 2022 10:06 AM by HOA Sites
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It can be challenging to own a home these days, especially if you’re active in your homeowners association or on the HOA website.  With daily decisions to make and projects to take care of, the time in between can seem like a blur.  But, there are almost always specific questions from HOA board members that come up about repeatedly about budgets and financial reports.  Here are four questions that board members tend to ask regarding budgets.
What Is The HOA’s Budget?
As seen on the HOA website, the purpose of the HOA budget is to indicate all the expenses for the association and the amount of money that is being charged to residents.  In other words, this figure indicates the amount each one is paying towards the HOA’s expenses.
If homeowners don’t like how much they’re being charged, they might relocate where HOA fees are lower.  A general operating budget includes the funds needed for maintenance and upkeep, but it may not show exactly how much will be spent for each item.
What Percentage Of Dues Go Towards Expenses?
The answer to this can be found in the total annual budget for the HOA.  In addition, you’ll also need to find out how much revenue the association takes in annually versus expenses.  Members can go to the HOA website and find all these numbers for free.
How Many Live In This Development?
This question is most commonly asked by association management during meetings.  After all, if homeowners are unhappy with it, they can relocate to an area they find more suitable.  Usually, managers or board members will provide this information during meetings when the community was first being constructed.  An excellent way to obtain a better answer is to ask your neighbors.
What Percentage Goes Towards Maintenance or Management?
Managers are probably better suited to be asking this, not board members since they don’t know how much managers collect.  If board members discovered the HOA was overspending on salaries and other overhead costs, it would likely cause an uproar among the community’s owners.  Use these answers as a guide on the HOA website to ensure your HOA has fewer budget issues!
Posted on August 19, 2022 2:19 PM by HOA Sites
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HOA WebsiteAccording to Property Management, 73.9 million people in the United States live in HOAs, condominiums, or cooperatives. This is a significant amount of people who would benefit from a condo website. The most important aspect of marketing an HOA website is to ensure that it has a design that appeals to potential homeowners. The site should be easy to navigate and provide all the information a potential homeowner would need. Furthermore, the site should have a design that makes it easy for potential homeowners to find the information they are looking for. Here are some tips on how to market a condo website. 
Invest in a Professional Website
There are many advantages to having a professional website for your homeowners' association page. A well-designed website can help attract new residents, keep current residents informed about events and happenings in the community, and give potential homebuyers a sense of what the condo website offers. A professional website can also improve communication within the HOA by providing a central hub for important documents, contact information, and announcements. By making it easy for homeowners to find the information they need, you can help avoid misunderstandings and reduce the amount of time spent fielding questions from residents in the community.
A website for your homeowners' association can be a great asset in different ways. So if you're thinking of launching one, ensure to work with a reputable design firm with experience creating sites for HOAs. With their help, you can create a beautiful and functional website to help your HOA thrive.
Cultivate a Strong Presence in Social Media
When it comes to marketing an HOA website, having a robust social media presence is one of the most effective ways to reach potential residents looking to purchase a home. By creating engaging content and regularly posting updates, your HOA can connect with its target audience and encourage them to visit the website. Additionally, social media platforms offer a great way to build brand awareness and generate leads for your HOA website.

When used correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to an HOA website. By Posting Regularly and staying active on multiple platforms, HOAs can reach a wider audience and promote their website more effectively. Additionally, by creating quality content that resonates with potential residents, HOAs can encourage more people to visit the site.
Deploy Marketing Campaigns
Deploying marketing campaigns is just one way that you can market your HOA website. There are many other things that you can do as well, such as optimizing your site for search engines, creating informative blog posts, and making sure that all of your content is high-quality and engaging. By taking the time to implement some effective marketing strategies, you can increase traffic to your site and attract more leads.

Contact us today at HOA Sites if you're looking for ways to market your condo website. We'll provide you with the necessary resources to ensure your website reaches your target audience and generates traffic.
Posted on August 17, 2022 2:17 PM by HOA Sites
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HOA WebsiteIf you're part of a homeowner's association (HOA), you know how important they are to your neighborhood. For better or for worse, HOAs keep our neighborhoods tidy and running smoothly. But did you know that your HOA website can be a valuable resource - even if you don't have any issues with your HOA? This article will examine four reasons why your HOA website matters more than you might think.
1. It Keeps You Informed
An HOA website is a great place to find out what's happening in your neighborhood. From upcoming events to important news and announcements, you can stay up-to-date on everything that's happening without having to rely on word-of-mouth or flyers posted around the community. Plus, if you ever have a question about your HOA or need to get in touch with someone, the website is a great place to start. Most HOAs will have contact information listed on their website, so you can reach out and get the answers you need without any hassle.
2. It Gives You a Voice
Your HOA website is also a great platform for expressing your opinion on issues that affect your community. Whether it's through an online forum or a survey, you can have your say on what's going on in your neighborhood - and help shape the future of your community. After all, HOAs are meant to represent the interests of all homeowners, so your input is essential in making sure that happens.
3. Increased Online Visibility
An HOA website can also help increase the visibility of your neighborhood - which can be beneficial if you're ever looking to sell your home. Potential buyers will often look up an HOA website before considering a purchase, so having a well-designed and informative site can make a big difference. Plus, if your community is ever in the news, a website is a great way to share that information with the world.
4. Improved Communication
A well-designed HOA website can also help improve communication between the Board and the homeowners. By providing clear and concise information, you can avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication - which can often lead to conflict. Plus, an up-to-date website shows that your HOA is on top of things and takes communication seriously - which can only reflect positively on your community as a whole.
According to Globe News Wire, roughly 73.9 million people in the United States live in HOAs, condominium communities, or cooperatives. All of these homeowners have one thing in common: they're all looking for ways to make their community a better place to live. As you have seen, an HOA website does just that. Call HOA Sites today to learn more about our web design services. 
Posted on July 20, 2022 12:02 PM by HOA Sites
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HOA WebsiteHOAs are common in areas where many homeowners live within a short distance of one another. In fact, according to iProperty Management, about 40 million homes belong to these communities. With so many HOAs present, it's important to establish an online presence. Many HOAs offer a web platform where members can check mail, access minutes from meetings, and pay dues online. But most suffer from a lack of sophistication in managing this critical resource, as their websites look outdated and often provide little value to members. If you're in this boat, here are some tips to improve HOA or condo websites that will prove to be successful.
Integrate an Online Payment System
Most HOA managers face challenges when handling monthly dues. That's because, in the past, many organizations relied on postal services to deliver checks. To improve your HOA website, install an integrated digital payment platform so residents may pay their bills and charges via their user accounts. Establishing an online payment system for your website is an excellent way of streamlining payment collection, sending reminders, and generating data.
Include a Calendar of Events
Including lots of information on HOA or condo websites is critical. Make it clear what the benefits of being a member are and why your community exists. List all the activities going on and any upcoming events. You should mention the rules and regulations, safety measures, and anything else you think might be helpful to prospective members.
Optimize for Mobile Devices
Today's HOA and condo websites are designed with mobile phones in mind. This means they need to be responsive so they can fit any screen size, from desktop computers to smartphones. This will make navigation easier and keep members engaged.
Create an Online Directory
With an online directory on your website, you can create a place where members can share experiences, tips, and resources. This could be anything from an informational resource to a social networking site where residents can meet with friends and family.
Add a List of Contractors
If you want to improve your HOA website, create an accessible list of contractors. Having this list helps newcomers know about services in the area. These services may include plumbing, landscaping, and irrigation. The list can also show a list of local businesses that support your HOA.
Creating HOA or condo websites requires expertise. Reach out to HOA Sites for assistance regarding your website management today!
Posted on July 18, 2022 11:59 AM by HOA Sites
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Homeowners Association WebsiteWith many people turning to the web as their primary source of information, the best homeowners associations are using websites to share information with members conveniently. When designed well, a homeowners association website can be accessed around the clock and provide many benefits to your residents. According to caionline.org, 70% of residents consider their overall homeowners association experience good or very good. But you can make it even better by transforming your HOA website, so here are five things to consider adding to it.
Community Calendar
There is a lot of time between when you first announce a community event and when the event takes place. As a result, residents can forget about the event and fail to attend. But when you incorporate a community calendar into your HOA website, residents can stay up-to-date on all future events and plan their schedules in order to attend these events.
FAQs and Important Documents
You can incorporate documents into your HOA website to make it even better for residents. This is also a benefit to you because you don't need to keep sending residents the documents they need; you can simply post them on the website. Also, consider having an FAQ section on the website to answer repetitive questions and links to vital documents.
Mobile-Friendly Features
Most people use their smartphones for virtually everything, including checking their mail, browsing social media, and accessing the web. Therefore, it's a good idea to design a website that translates well to mobile devices. Basically, this means your homeowners association website can be opened and viewed without any glitches on smartphones and tablets.
Online Payment Options
It's essential you include online payment options on your HOA website. Residents can pay dues immediately and don't need to worry about writing and posting checks. This is a benefit to you as well because it ensures you receive payments on time.
Password Protected Sections
You can also establish password-protected sections on your homeowners association website for member-only access. In this section, you can upload meeting minutes and other sensitive documents that only residents can access. You can also include other sensitive data such as board members' contact information and a resident directory.
A homeowners association website has numerous benefits. However, you can make it even better by incorporating the tips listed above. Contact HOA Sites to get started with our helpful web design services!
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